Who Are We?

In 2001, EnablePoint Corporation was established as a specialty contract programming firm providing Ford Credit Corporation with finance software development services. Over several years time our firm grew to be a leading local software development services firm in the Detroit area servicing the automotive and small business marketplace.

In 2003, our hometown city and existing customer, the City of Livonia, asked us to replace a custom written legacy false alarm billing system.  The existing system was in use on a mainframe computer and was custom written by programmers for the Livonia Police Department that have long retired.  The City finance department was to take over the process of billing for false alarms, and subsequently our Consultants successfully interfaced with both departments  to build our first dispatch software interface (CLEMIS) and False Alarm Billing (FAB) system.

In 2004, we took our product to the False Alarm Reduction Association conference where the products were well received, and our first two out of state clients were established.  Our software is now installed across the country and each implementation has given the products a little more value and functionality as we grew.

In 2008, our web development programmers that normally serviced our Ecommerce and small business web programming added our Online Alarm Registration System (OARS) that seamlessly interfaces with the FAB product.  Alarm owners are now able to register online, pay by credit card online, and save our clients hours of data entry time by no longer having to key in alarm permit information.

In 2018, we still are doing business as a custom software development firm; however our focus has changed to primarily providing alarm management software and services.  90%  of our research and development efforts are dedicated to municipal solutions and our daily focus is on helping our cities, townships, villages, and counties reduce false alarms easily and efficiently by using our software tools. 

To talk with the principals of EnablePoint directly, call 734-634-1576.


Our false alarm software is marketed, developed, and enhanced in our Livonia, MI office.

Alarm Management Software and Services by EnablePoint Corporation

EnablePoint provides a wide range of alarm management services and software for city, county, and villages.  Our approach is to provide an exact match to the needs of our clients, by providing only the software and/or services needed, and a price that is affordable for today’s challenging budgets.

Our Software suite includes three core software products and one services product:

False Alarm Billing (FAB)

False Alarm Billing is our proven original software application that registers alarm systems, imports false alarm data, prints warning letters, and invoices.

FAB includes importing false alarm incidents from your Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Registering permits and/or alarm registrations, automatic calculation of false alarm charges per your ordinance, batch printing of invoices and warning letters, and full payment and accounts receivable processing.

Online Alarm Registration System (OARS)

Online Alarm Registration System (OARS) is a product which allows your alarm owners to register online, and your alarm administrator to import registrations seamlessly into FAB.

OARS is an online alarm registration system with a seamless interface to FAB. The OARS application includes an online application that is custom built to match as closely as possible your jurisdictions paper permit or registration form.


WEBFAB is an unlimited license software product in use by 911 dispatchers allowing them to view alarm registration status, hazardous materials, special needs, and other useful information about an alarmed location.

Our WEBFAB product is a browser based, unlimited license read only version of FAB. WEBFAB allows anyone inside the city or police department, including 911 centers and dispatchers, access to permit, keyholder, and other registration information instantly.

Alarm Managed Processing Services (AMPS)

Alarm Managed Processing Services (AMPS) is the solution to jurisdictions that prefer to have their alarm registration and false alarm tracking tasks performed for them in addition to licenses for FAB and OARS. We supply the software, expertise, and labor for a full service solution.

Our Managed Processing Services product evolved with an existing FAB customer that no longer had a personnel position open to process false alarms. EnablePoint stepped up to the challenge of not only providing the highest quality software and support available to the industry, but the labor to process the alarm registrations, false alarms, and provide public customer support.


Our false alarm software is marketed, developed, and enhanced in our Livonia, MI office.


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